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Thrival Nutrition Podcast With
COO Mike Marshall

Thrival Nutrition Podcast


Molds are a natural part of our environment, and we come in contact with many on a regular basis. We eat mold; we breathe mold; we drink it. In fact, our homes and workplaces share territory with mold. Yet, when mold infiltrates those spaces, it can be a big problem for us. Mold doesn’t just grow and damage our homes and buildings; it can have an impact on our health and wellness too, with symptoms ranging from a stuffy nose, coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation to chronic illness. There is a lot of information on mold out there, but much of it is incorrect. So how do you even begin to address a mold problem?


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Our chief operating officer, Mike Marshall, was asked by Lahana Vigliano, certified clinical nutritionist, founder, and CEO of Thrival Nutrition, to join her on an episode of the Thrival Nutrition podcast. Together they discuss the basics of mold and mold toxicity and answer some of consumers’ most common yet very important questions, including:


3:34 – What is mold? How and why does it grow in homes?

6:30 – What types of mold are there?

7:40 – Can a consumer tell for certain if they do indeed have mold? (Hint: unfortunately, the answer is no.)

8:40 – What are possible signs of mold?

10:05 – How long does it take for mold to grow?

12:14 – How can you prevent mold growth?

15:49 – Testing for mold – is it safe to do DIY testing with a kit?

21:13 – Is DIY mold remediation a solution?

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We’re honored for the opportunity to have Mike partner with Lahana to help answer questions about mold and dig into what every consumer needs to know. If you or your loved ones suspect mold, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional mold assessment company. Proceeding with professional help will help save time, money, and the possibility of future mold issues. To get your questions answered or to schedule a mold assessment, call us and get started today.

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Paul is the CTO at Mold Inspection Sciences Texas, Inc.

He has had a passion for helping people ensure their indoor air quality is as good as possible. Paul is the co-creator of Moldware, the industry leading system used by Mold Inspection Sciences to deliver our 5-star service and maintain our commitment to integrity at every step of the assessment process.

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