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Dr. Phil Asks Top Mold Inspection Company, Mold Inspection Sciences, to Investigate a Guest’s Mold Problem


When a wife claims to be allergic to everything including her husband, there is something wrong.

Meet Dr. Phil guests Debbie and her husband of 35 years, Kelly.

This couple has been living in their current home for about six years now. Four years ago Kelly started noticing a change in his wife's behaviors that has since turned in to an obsessive condition where she is claiming to be allergic to everything. Debbie insists on extreme precautions like taping the AC vents, storing her clothes in sealed bags, and washing dishes in the swimming pool. She demands a separate door of entry to the family home that no one else can use and even insists her husband to strip down before entering the house and then immediately shower upon entry.

During the taping of this episode, Dr. Phil reached out to Mold Inspection Sciences to do a full mold inspection of the couple’s home to help determine if there were indeed allergens affecting Debbie. You won’t believe what we found.



We’re so proud to have worked with Dr. Phil to help him solve this issue for his guest. The couple suspected there was more going on in their home, and they were right. The short clip above highlights our licensed mold inspection veteran, Cary Gilcrease, during just a fraction of his investigation. When a mold inspection specialist is dispatched to your home or building, depending on the type of inspection you choose, a full mold investigation of all areas is performed, whether that means starting from the outside in or zoning in on certain rooms or areas inside the home. No surface or area is left unexplored and examined. In addition to quality time spent with your inspector, you will receive a full and detailed documentation of test results and a scope of work documenting next steps and remediation recommendation.


Samples of Our Mold Investigation and Lab Reports


Mold Inspection Report

Attached is a Mold Inspection Report created for our client that was in contract to purchase an investment property.  We found a number of preventative maintenance items as well as over a dozen rooms with a confirmed mold problem.

Download Here

Mold Lab Report

Attached is the Mold Lab Report that supplements the Mold Inspection Report to the left.  It details the surface and air samples we collected that helped us identify all the various mold problems.

Download Here



Mold Remediation Protocol Report

Attached is a Mold Remediation Protocol Report created for the client noted above.  This report details exactly how professional mold remediation should be performed to remedy the identified mold problems.

Download Here

Mold Lab Report

Attached is a sample Mold Lab Report that analyzes air samples and surface samples.  This report shows normal air in the master bedroom, but confirmed mold growth in three areas of the home.

Download Here



Think You've Got Mold?

If you suspect or know you have mold and want to take a few initial steps to get started, we recommend you take our Mold Quiz. It only takes a minute to complete, and will help you better understand the likelihood of a mold problem with an immediate evaluation.

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You do mold inspections right?

Yes, its in our name.

Do you do mold remediation too?

No. We do not perform mold remediation. It is a conflict of interest for a mold company to perform the inspection and the remediation. We  will recommend next steps to secure proper mold removal and we can recommend 3rd party remediation contractors.

If I just leave it will it just go away by itself?

No. In most cases, if you leave mold  it will continue to grow and spread, especially with an increase in temperature and moisture.

I read online that bleach works in getting rid of mold, is that true?

No. Bleach is not the ideal (or recommended) solution to get rid of mold and in many cases can make it worse, aggravating the area by adding more water to an already damp area.

You offer a free quote, does that mean the inspector will come out and inspect my house for free?

No. We offer a free quote over the phone meaning we discuss your possible mold problem and make free recommendations on service and pricing.


Have Questions?

If you think mold or allergens could be causing a potential issue in your home or building, now is the time to take action. Call us today at +1.888.335.6653 or email us at to speak to one of our mold specialists to help answer your questions and get you on the right path to assessing and solving your situation.

About the author

Rick Weir

After spending the better part of 16 years in the field doing inspections, Rick recently joined the ranks as a project manager.This was with some hesitation because field work was his passion.However, Rick goes where he is most needed.His days are now mostly spent proofing reports and calling clients with recommendations about our reports.Rick does still get out in the field from time to time to stay sharp as an inspector.

After graduating from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Microbiology, Rick found his calling as a mold and asbestos inspector. Since 2001, he has performed thousands of inspections in Texas and Louisiana. He is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as a Mold Assessment Consultant and is also licensed as an Asbestos Inspector through the Department of State Health Services. He works tirelessly to provide our clients with quality, comprehensive mold inspections and mold testing as well as asbestos surveys. Rick enjoys answering questions from clients and helping them better understand their situations regarding their indoor environmental concerns or their concerns about their properties.