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Are Mold Allergies Real?

Every day I hear from potential clients, real estate agents, property managers, and the like asking me if there is still a “mold problem” and/or do indoor mold allergies really affect people?  The next question usually goes down the road asking about ”toxic” mold, and whether only those molds with mycotoxins will cause allergy issues or health problems.  The short answer is yes indoor mold allergies can and will affect a person’s health.  The notion that only “toxic” mold causing these issues is not accurate.

Just like going outside on a day when the Meteorologist’s web site informs you that there is a high level of mold outside, elevated levels of indoor molds could be just as much a problem, or in some cases worse.  And if those elevated levels contain types of mold(s) that are NOT found outdoors in moderate numbers/levels, the risks could be greater.

Molds are very person specific.  Just like having a food allergy or being allergic to a bee sting, having a severe mold allergy could make life very uncomfortable if exposed to elevated levels of certain types of mold.  The best way to determine if your indoor air quality is “normal” would be to have a licensed Mold Consulting Agency collect ambient air samples, analyze the results, and keep you well informed on exactly what the results mean.

One thing to remember is that you want your testing company to not be in the remediation or restoration business.  You want to use a company that only wants to give you the honest results about your samples.  MISTX does not perform remediation, restoration, or construction.   I would rather be able to call a client and give her good news that the air samples collected from her home were normal.  People love hearing good news and when they hear that those air samples are “normal”, I’ve actually had some people cry on the phone they’re so happy.

The bottom line is YES mold allergies are real and if you’re concerned, contact an honest professional to address the situation.

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