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The Best and Most Trusted Mold Inspection and Testing Related Certifications

The ACAC offers the best, accredited certification programs available for mold inspectors. Many mold inspectors simply have a "training certificate". There is a difference between "training certificates" and accredited certifications. Training is vocational schooling. When a student completes a training course, he/she earns a training certificate or diploma. The student owns the training certificate and can add it to his/her curriculum vitae. No further requirements are necessary. Certifications are affidavits of industry knowledge - knowledge beyond a course curriculum. When an individual demonstrates knowledge, he/she earns a certification designation. The individual does not own the designation, but may renew it after meeting its requirements. Accredited Certifications are professional credentials qualified and recognized by one of three independent organizations. Certification programs accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) must require verifiable field experience. ACAC certifications are accredited by the CESB. Among other items, the ACAC mold certifications require:

  • Minimum years of verifiable field experience;
  • Difficult certification exams,
  • ACAC unanimous board approval; and
  • Re-certification every two years with a minimum of 40 continuing education credits

When looking to hire a professional mold inspector, look for a company and inspectors that have reputable licenses, certifications, and ones that belong to industry leading organizations like the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).

About the author

Michael Bains

As president of Mold Inspection Sciences (MIS), Michael Bains is responsible for overseeing operations, marketing, and strategic partnerships in order to achieve the company’s mission: to provide affordable, professional mold inspection and testing services to our valued clients.

Michael founded MIS in 2002 with the vision of building a company that could fill the growing need for quality indoor mold services based on industry accepted standards. Michael is a former board member of the IAQA and is board certified by the ACAC.

He received a BS in Business Administration, with a focus in accounting, from the University of Colorado at Boulder and attended the MBA program at the University of Southern California (USC).

Michael enjoys the outdoors. He is an avid cyclist, rock climber, and hiker.

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