Why Do I Need to Get a Mold Inspection?

“Why do I need to get a mold inspection”?  Some of you might be asking this question if you have noticed some staining or something that appears to be a mold like substance in your home.  Maybe you smell something funny? Maybe you are not feeling well and wondering why? You might be thinking, “Oh everyone has mold. It is probably nothing to worry about”. It might not be anything to worry about, but without a mold inspection and testing, you will not know. By waiting or ignoring your concern, you could potentially make what might be a small easily fixable issue something much larger and much more expensive.  Have you ever heard a funny sound in your vehicle and thought, “Oh that is probably nothing” and waited a few more days to see if the sound went away? You finally decide to take your car to the mechanic, only to discover that if you had brought it in sooner, the part that broke might have been fixed with much less cost.  Have you ever had a cough or sore throat that lingered and waited to see the doctor because you did not want to spend the money for the doctor to just tell you what you already knew? “You have a cough. Get some rest.”   Sometimes in our lives we have to go ahead and get a diagnosis from a doctor, a mechanic, or a Mold Inspector just for peace of mind, but also to potentially save yourself or your possessions from further damage.  Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. It requires maintenance just like your car, and just like your body.  If you neglect issues such as a potential mold problem, you could be putting your home and yourself in a worse situation.  A mold inspection is just like going to the doctor or taking your car to a mechanic. Calling a professional to diagnose your home is worth the price for peace of mind and could potentially save you from spending more money down the road.


by Tina Yaeger

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