Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas Launches a Blog: Everything Moldy

Mold Inspection Sciences launches their blog on Welcome! This blog is about mold, mold allergies, other health-related issues caused by mold, black mold, toxic mold, mold in homes, mold in businesses, and just about Everything Moldy. 

This blog is written by the people at Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas –Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas’ best mold inspection company.

5 responses to “Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas Launches a Blog: Everything Moldy

  1. I like all the information on here about toxic molds, testing and case studies. It’s interesting.

  2. ronda floyd

    I have a question about whether or not a landlord is required to disclose major mold infestation of a dwelling proir to a family moving into it.

    • Ronda, unfortunately, there are no laws or regulations requiring landlords or property management companies to disclose mold problems or to have mold inspections or mold testing. There are regulations stating that a rental property or apartment has to be a “safe environment” and this is the responsibility of the rental property owner. However, they do not have to prove it. The burden of proof is on the tenant. You will have to prove that the “major mold infestation” is still a problem and is an unsafe environment. The tenant has to pay for an inspection and testing to prove the mold contamination if the landlord or owner or property management company will not do it. Best of luck dealing with this. I am not sure where you are located, but if you are in any of our areas, Texas, California, Colorado, Oregon, or Washington, we might be able to help you. You can find us here: Mold Inspection Sciences — Nathan

    • Kelly K. Lyons

      The Landlord Tenant relationship in each state is available at the sight concerning legal responsibility. Ethically, there are no requirements unless you can establish punitive damages. The Landlord knowingly rented a mold infested apartment and did not comply with State property code laws.

  3. Sheetrock, basements and crawl spaces are also damp dark
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